Thursday, November 13, 2008

Discussion Group on Cults and Abusive Churches - Discussion-On-Cults

I started this group in July, 2008. Here is the description of the group:

This group is for those who are interested in critical discussion on cults and abusive churches. This discussion involves:
1. Discussion of authoritarianism, mind control (coercive persuasion, thought reform), and spiritual abuse (that is, psychological and sociological issues of cults and abusive churches).
2. Discussion of religious doctrines and practices (that is, theological and apologetic issues, including aberrant and heretical teachings).
Unlike many groups that focus either on psychological issues of cults (cult mind control) or theological doctrines of cults, this group is for discussing both sides of cults.
3. Personal testimonies and experience of ex-members of cults and abusive churches and their mutual support. However, this group does not provide cult-related or any other psychological counseling.
4. Recovery from cults and abusive churches (psychologically and spiritually).
5. All the other matters related to cults and abusive churches.

This group is for the real freedom of mind, ideas, opinions, and thoughts.

In this group, there is freedom to express different religious views. However, this group is not for religious proselytism. Any kind of cult promotion is forbidden.

Everyone can freely express their opinions. Everyone has a right to disagree with others and express the disagreements. Everyone should respect others' opinions even if he or she disagrees with them. Personal attacks, offensive language, and flames must be avoided. All the discussions should be maintained in polite, respectful, and ethical manner.

This group is for people affected by cults and abusive churches (former members, families, relatives, and friends), people who are interested to learn about cults and abusive churches, and professionals (psychologists, sociologists, clergy, theologians, and others).

Members of this group who are concerned about their anonymity are allowed to use pseudonyms and hide any kind of information that can reveal their identity (personal information, their former group name, and so on).

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