Saturday, August 28, 2010


I posted three polls in this blog (see the right panel). They are similar to those in my other blog.

The questions are:
1. Have you ever been involved in a cult or in an abusive church?
2. Has any of your family members, relatives or friends been in a cult or abusive church?
3. Have you got a therapy or counseling after you left a cult?

Unlike Wordpress, Blogger poll gadget does not allow to use "Other" answer option. Also, since I know that some ex-members of Sufi groups read my blog, I added a special option for them in the first poll.

All the polls are completely anonymous. Multiple choices are allowed. I will be thankful to all the people who will participate in the polls. Also, you can leave your comments regarding these polls. All the suggestions will be appreciated.

Update. I created a new poll. The question is: "What subjects are you interested in?" You can mark as many variants as you like. I am interested to know what subjects readers of my blog consider interesting and will greatly appreciate your voting.

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