Thursday, June 23, 2011

It Gets Better Project and the CHSCA

John Knapp posted on his CHSCA website video It Gets Better by Kate Bornstein. Kate is a former Scientologist and an open transgender person. Knapp announced that Kate Bornstein had joined the CHSCA advisory board. However, below Kate's video on the CHSCA website, there is a note which was written by someone else:

Publication on does not imply the author endorses the CHSCA, our mission, services, or opinions. We seek to represent a wide range of thinking—to as wide an audience as possible. We encourage readers to exercise critical thinking on all material posted at Opinions expressed are solely the author's and may or may not reflect the values, ethics, or policies of the Center for Healing Spiritual & Cultic Abuse, Inc.

Specifically, we made an erroneous announcement that Kate Bornstein had joined our Advisory Board. This was executive director, John Knapp's mistake. Kate is not associated in any way with the CHSCA. But we love her anyway.

In the past, Knapp announced many people who, according to his words, joined the CHSCA advisory board. It is quite possible that Kate Bornstein was not the only one of these people who actually never joined it and who is not associated with the CHSCA.

Also, introducing Kate's video, Knapp failed to give any background of It Gets Better project or even to mention that Kate Bornstein was not the only person who made a video on this subject. He also failed to mention that this subject has nothing to do with cults. In addition, he failed to mention that It Gets Better project has nothing to do with his non-profit CHSCA. It is well known that Bible-based cults like to take biblical verses out of their context in order to make them speak what they want. It seems that Knapp used the same tactic.

A lot of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) people and some non-LGBT people participated in It Gets Better project. The purpose of this project is to encourage LGBT teenagers who are discouraged because of being bulled for who they are and some of whom are thinking about committing a suicide. On It Gets Better project website, there is a detailed description of it. I do believe that this project is very important and that it is very good that Kate Bornstein participated in it. However, Kate was just one of many people who participated in this project. On It Gets Better project website and YouTube, there are many videos from It Gets Better project and they have nothing to do with cults.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were among the people who participated in It Gets Better project. Their speeches there give some background of it.

In one of previous posts, I embedded two other videos from It Gets Better project, by two open gays and Christian ministers Gene Robinson and Mel White. Many other videos from this project can be found on YouTube, on It Gets Better project website, and on other websites.


oneperson said...

Gosh...thanks Lom.

I learned more this morning about this project. It appears Dan Savage started it all. Yay Dan!


oneperson said...

Thanks Lom!

I learned quite a bit more about the It Gets Better project.

Perhaps some people assume that the rest of us out here know about how this project got started. I didn't know...until reading your post and then google searching. I just never bothered to really web search it before.

Yay to Dan Savage for starting the project.

As far as Knapp posting the video in relation(?) to CHSCA..I don't have any comments at the moment...a few thoughts, but no comments.

Of course LGBT opponents are not a cult per se, but cultic (control, suppression of self, and more) tactics do go you well know.

Then again, those tactics go on in many human groups.

Thanks again!

Borz Lom (Löma) Nal said...

Carol, yes, Dan Savage and Terry Miller were the ones who created this project. Here they talk about their stories and how the project came to be. They also published a book with the same title.

Borz Lom (Löma) Nal said...

BTW, there is a version of Obama's video with Russian subtitles. Well, I really cannot imagine Medvedev, Putin or any other Russian politician participating in It Gets Better project. Unfortunately. Russian LGBT teenagers are also being bullied and also commit suicides, but nobody cares.

oneperson said...

That is so cool...the Obama subtitled video. *thumbsup*

BTW: I thought my first comment above didn't go through; I was trying to edit the body content of the comment and must have hit a wrong button. Thus my double-up. ;)