Saturday, August 2, 2014

Anti-Cult Community and Cats

Over 10 years ago, Steve Eichel (then Steve Dubrow-Eichel) obtained a number of certifications in psychotherapy for his cat Zoe (whom he renamed into Dr. Zoe D[ie]. Katze, that is, Zoe the cat - translated from German). He did it in order to show how easy it is (or was) to obtain fake diplomas, certificates, and credentials in the field of psychology. Here is his article about this story:

Well, it would be much more easy for him to take another of his cats, rename him, for example, into Dr. John Der Kater (that is, John the tomcat), make him a member of a number of anti-cult organizations (including ICSA, of course), and grant him a title of "cult expert." Really, anyone, including a cult member, a cult leader or a cat, can become a member of ICSA. And anyone can call himself or herself "a cult expert" (including a cat, of course). I do not know why Steve Eichel did not make any of his cats a cult expert, an anti-cult activist or an anti-cult mental health professional. I think he definitely should do so.

Actually, probably, it would be not so bad if there would be many feline "mental health professionals" (FMHP) in the anti-cult movement. At least, they can not psychologically harm people in the same way as their human colleagues. So, if Steve Eichel creates a FMHP department within ICSA, I think they will be the most harmless group of anti-cult mental health professionals.

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