Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cult and Postcult Temperament

It is commonly accepted that people's real personality types (measured by MBTI, Keirsey's test and some other tests) are inborn, stable, and cannot be changed. However, mind control creates cult pseudo-identity with a new personality type.

There are also 4 temperaments (sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic, and melancholic) that are inborn and unchangeable. Their expressions may be changed, but the temperaments themselves are unchangeable. Many people have mixed temperaments, but they still have one domineering temperament.

Russian scientist Ivan P. Pavlov (who is famous for his experiments with dogs and bells) said that temperaments depends on brain activity.

British scientist Hans J. Eysenck considered that people have three main factors of personality and two of them are related to their temperament. These two factors are extroversion / introversion and emotional stability / instability. He made tests to measure these factors - EPI and EPQ. EPQ includes one more factor. So, EPI and EPQ can be used to find out a person's domineering temperament.

After I left the cult, I found out that my temperament changed. Before the cult involvement, I took personality temperament tests many times, so I knew what was my temperament. However, when I took these tests at the end of my involvement and after I left, the results were completely different.

In order to find out what happened, I took EPI and EPQ three times: how I would do that before the cult, how I would do in the cult, and how I would do that now. The domineering temperament for the time before the cult and for the present time was the same and it matched the results of the tests that I took before the cult. The domineering temperament for the time in the cult was different and it matched the results of the tests that I took in the end of cult involvement and some time later.

It means that cult mind control changes not only personality types, but also temperaments. A cult pseudo-identity has not only a new personality type, but also a new temperament. The new personality type is the type of the cult leader. Probably, the same is true for the new temperament.

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