Friday, September 5, 2008

Personality Types and Temperament

Yeakley's study of personality types in ICC and some other groups showed that members of mind controlling cults have changes while members of benign Christian churches do not. I do not know if anyone made the same study of temperaments. However, some researches showed that there is some correlation between two scales of MBTI and EPQ. EPQ indicates a person's temperament while MBTI indicates a person's personality type. Since members of benign Christian churches do not have changes of personality types, they probably do not have changes of temperament either. So, cult mind control causes changes of temperament while normal Christian experience does not. Therefore, the matter of changing of temperament shows the difference between mind control and proper spiritual experience.

Pavlov said that temperament depends on a person's brain activity. Jung had the same idea regarding personality types. Secular psychologists believe that a human being has only a physical part and that the psychological realm completely depends on brain. Christians as well as other religions believe that human beings also have a spiritual part, a soul. Of course, it is impossible to use electroencephalograph or any other equipment in order to measure the activity of the soul. However, there is no contradiction between psychology and religion. The brain is the organ that joins the soul with the body. So, the soul activity influences the brain activity. The brain activity that can be measured by the means of instruments just reflects the soul activity. Personality types and temperament actually depend on the soul, however, they also influence the brain.

Recently, one neurophysiologist who spent many years on study of the brain said that by now scientists know a lot about the brain and how it works. However, they do not know the main thing. They do not know the nature of human thoughts. They are unable to explain how human brain produces thoughts and what is a thought.

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