Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ex-Gay Ministries

Many Christian groups and Bible-based cults teach that gays are able and must change their orientation and become strait. There is a number of so-called ex-gay organizations that supposedly help gays to become strait, using both religious and psychological methods. The biggest of them is Exodus International which is by the way suspected of using mind control techniques. Do this and similar organizations really change gays into straits? Here is what Exodus former leaders and founders say.

Former Ex-Gay Leaders Apologize

Two Of Exodus' Founders Come Out As 'Ex-Ex-Gay'

Exodus Co-Founder: I Never Saw One Of Our Members Become Heterosexual

Exodus Co-Founder: We Were All Still Struggling Silently As We Promised Change

Exodus Co-Founder: The Inherent Harm In Ex-Gay Programs

Exodus Co-Founder: We Didn't Know There Was An Alternative For Gay Christians

There is a community of ex-gay survivors who report that their participation in ex-gay programs was harmful and who are in the process of healing from this damage: http://www.beyondexgay.com/. I think ex-gay survivors and ex-members of other cults have similar experiences.

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