Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sufi Practice of Singing Nashids / Nazams

Nashid or nazam (also spelled as nazm or nazma) is a spiritual song of Sufis. Daghestani Sufis usually use the word "nashid" while Chechen Sufis use the word "nazam."

The following videos show singing nazams by Chechen Sufis who follow Kunta-hajji Kishiev, sheikh of Qadiri tariqah. Again, I do not promote this practice and do not make any conclusions about it here. I post these videos only for information.

Sufis usually have separate meetings for men and women. The videos above were made at men's meetings. Below is a video of a women's meeting made in Daghestan. It shows Andi (a small ethnic group who live near Chechnya) women who perform zikr and sing nashid. They belong to Qadiri tariqah.

Besides zikr and nashids / nazams, Sufi meetings include Sufi leader (called a sheikh or ustaz) speeches and instructions for murids (disciples).

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