Sunday, December 21, 2008

Conclusion to Inductive Method of Bible Study

I have covered the main points related to the inductive method of Bible study.

The inductive method has three main steps:
1. Observation (What can I see here?)
2. Interpretation (What does it mean?)
3. Application (How can I apply it?)

It can be used in several ways:
1. Study of a verse
2. Analytical study (the study of a paragraph or a chapter)
3. Synthetic study (the study of a book of the Bible)
4. Thematic study (the study of a theme of the Bible)
5. Biographical study (the study of a character of the Bible)

In the process of the Bible study, it is important to follow general principles of interpretation and special principles of interpretation of figures of speech, including:
1. Parables
2. Allegories
3. Types
4. Symbols
5. Proverbs

There are also special principles of interpretation of literature genres of the Bible:
1. Narratives
2. Epistles
3. Poetry
4. Psalms
5. Prophesies
6. Apocalyptic

There are some hermeneutical errors to be avoided and some principles of study Greek words.

I hope this knowledge will help ex-members of abusive churches and cults in their independent Bible study. Besides the inductive method, there are other methods of Bible study. However, some of these methods require some special knowledge, for example, the knowledge of Bible languages. The inductive method is simple and effective. Anybody can use it and get much benefit.

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