Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thematic Study

The following material is based on the books:
1. Walter Henrichsen, Gayle Jackson Studying, Interpreting, and Applying the Bible
2. Understanding the Bible (published by ICI)

Thematic study is application of inductive method to study a theme of the Bible.

1. Choose a theme or a word for study. Decide the borders of your study - a book, a section of the Bible, or the whole Bible. Write down the purpose of your study.
2. Find the passages that are related to the theme you study. You can use concordance or thematic Bible for that.
3. Write down all the references and your observations, problems (things you do not understand) and possible applications for each reference.
4. Write down the main ideas of each verse.
5. Classify the verses according to their categories.
6. Analyze the context of each verse.
7. Make a summary of each category.
8. Make a plan of each category.
9. Find the main idea of each category.
10. Compare the categories and think of their order.
11. Make a plan of the theme.
12. Find the main idea of the theme you study and write down several paragraphs developing this main idea. Use main truths or principles you found.
13. Check additional literature on the theme you study. Compare with your material and made additions.
14. Consider applications of what you have studied.

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