Thursday, July 3, 2008

Is Psychological Counseling Necessary?

Many psychologists/cult experts say that former members of cults have to get a psychological counseling. I admit that the psychological counseling can help former members of cults to solve their problems more quickly and can be useful. However, there is a problem that not all ex-members of cults can get this psychological help because in their countries or their localities there are not such specialists.

Some professionals say that psychological counseling is necessary, otherwise an ex-member of cult will have permanent problems. This leaves the people who live far from cult experts without any hope.

Reading Margaret Singer's works, I noticed that she had never stated that psychological counseling is absolutely necessary. She considered the process of postcult recovery as an educational process, and not as a therapeutic process.

Coming out of the cult pseudo-personality is about reeducation and growth. Self-help through reading can be invaluable for those who live far from knowledgeable resources such as exit-counselors, cult information specialists, former member support groups, and mental health professionals.
(Cults in our Midst, chapter 12)

This gives a hope to ex-members of cults who live far away from cult experts.

So, I think that ex-members of cults who are able to consult psychologists/cult experts, should do that. Those who do not have this opportunity should educate themselves through reading the literature on mind control, contacts with other ex-members of cults and so on. Through their doing that, they can solve their problems caused by cults.

I know some former members of cults who did not go to psychologists, but were able to deal with their problems caused by cults.

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