Monday, July 7, 2008

Which Way to Take?

After leaving abusive churches and pseudo-Christian cults, people usually take one of the two ways. The first way is the way of religion, spirituality, and especially Christianity. The second way is the way of psychology. Many people are able to reach post-cult recovery through one of these ways. I took both ways at different times and combinations. Eventually, I came to conclusion that the best way is the combination of both ways.

The point is that cults cause both psychological and spiritual problems. The way of psychology is quite suitable for solving psychological problems. However, it cannot solve spiritual problems. The way of spirituality is able to solve spiritual problems. The proper balance of the ways of psychology and religion (that may be different for different cases and people) can solve both kinds of problems.

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TH in SoC said...

I have a big favor to ask. I also am a survivor of a spiritually abusive church. On my blog, TH in SoC, I have been discussing my experiences in the abusive church I attended and my experiences with American evangelicalism after leaving my abusive church. I was wondering if you would like to send me your answers to some questions that I will be publishing in an upcoming post. The questions are as follows:

1.Have you experienced abuse within an “evangelical” church? Can you briefly describe it? What did you do about it? Have you since joined another church?
2.My blog, TH in SoC, has discussed several problems relating to American evangelicalism. Do you agree with my assessment? Do you see any problems I missed?
3.Do you believe that churches in America are safe places? If not, what are two or three things that would make them safer?

If you leave your answers as a comment on, I'd really appreciate it. If you'd rather not, I certainly understand. And if you don't mind, I will post a link to your blog on my next post. If you'd rather not publish this comment, feel free to delete it. Thanks again!